How we come alongside families...

As mom and dad, you are the first and greatest disciples of your family! We want to serve you! Our heart is to be a support for you, to partner with you, and not to replace you. Your children will grow in their faith largely by watching you, so don't carry that weight alone-It's why we're here!
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Our Children's Director: Amy Miles

Our Children's Director: Amy Miles

Children's Director

Amy Miles is our Preschool/Children’s Director. Amy was born and raised in Columbus, GA. She has served as the preschool and children’s director since 2019. She has a love and passion for children and seeing them come to know, love, and serve God. She graduated from Columbus State University in 2014 and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does security look like for children?

Every child who comes to our children’s area during the service must be checked in with our main children’s desk. Also, once our service starts, all side entrances are locked so the only way in is through the main sanctuary.

When do kids start attending the main service?

Once a child reaches 1st grade, they become an active participant in our weekly worship. Worship is a wonderful time to model worshiping and learning to your child. Events such as baptisms, the Lord’s supper, and the preaching of God’s Word will allow you opportunities to discuss them with your child and teach them about our faith. We know sometimes kids can be rowdy and struggle to sit still, so feel no shame, and know we are thankful you and your kids are here.

So, prior to 1st grade, where do they go during the main service?

We offer what we call extended session. Children who are not yet in 1st grade can stay in our nursery where they will be cared for during the main service.

What if my child needs me during the service?

No worries at all! Our workers will see if they can meet the child’s need, get them a snack, or show them some cool toys to play with. If the child still needs you, we will have your number from check-in and send you a text/call you. 

What are the requirements to be a childcare worker?

All of our workers must have a background check done, and must be members of our church. We do not let those we do not know serve. Our workers will have plenty of extra people nearby to help if any help is needed. 

I would like to speak to someone about what it will look like the first time I come…

No worries at all! Click on the “plan a visit” button below to reach out to our team and they would be more than happy to answer any questions.