Corporate Worship Gatherings

Worship is ascribing worth, value, or praise to something.  Our culture most often sees 'worship' at sporting events.  We desire to see that same joyful expression in our Corporate Worship gatherings.
We value Worship, not simply "singing"

Worship is our response to who God is and what He has done for us. One way we express that is through music, which God created to bring glory and honor to His name. We sing songs written centuries ago and incorporate newer songs as well.  We have a choir which leads in worship and assists us in learning new congregational songs.  We have soloists and special music which strive to honor God through these songs.

We Value The Word of God

God's self-revelation is central to our Worship.  We seek to sing songs that are Biblically correct, we read the Scripture, and we believe that God’s Word being taught through expository preaching is central to genuine worship.

We Value The Invitation to Respond

When God’s Word is preached, we are compelled and led by the Holy Spirit to respond. At the conclusion of each service, there is an invitation to respond. Our pastors are ready to pray with you or speak with you about any spiritual decisions you need to make.